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Opeth News Update

30-09-2016 23:42

Stage ready for tonight's show.

Opeth - New Album: Sorceress on Amazon Music

30-09-2016 23:28

Opeth’s new record, Sorceress, has cast its spell around the world. Head to Amazon Music to grab your copy: http://radi.al/OpethAmazon

Opeth Stirs A Proggy 'Strange Brew'

30-09-2016 21:00

NPR Music: "Opeth stirs a proggy "Strange Brew" as it continues to evolve."

Opeth - New Album: Sorceress - Download on iTunes

30-09-2016 17:00

Sorceress is out today! Listen now at Apple Music or download on iTunes: http://radi.al/OpethApple

OPETH - New Album: Sorceress (OUT WORLDWIDE)

30-09-2016 16:00

IN STORES NOW Pick up, download and stream Opeth's twelfth studio album SORCERESS at opeth.com/stores.