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19-04-2019 12:00

#ICYMI - these are released next week! >> Limited Edition Opeth 2019/20 COPA Football Shirt: Bespoke manufactured in the Swedish national colours with embroidered 'Moderbolaget Records' badge and printed logos. Pre-order now via Omerch: http://bit.ly/2U3C1oA

Psycho Las Vegas

12-04-2019 11:20

Here's your full lineup for Psycho Las Vegas 2019, America's rock 'n' roll bacchanal taking place at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino August 16th-18th 🏆 Buy the ticket, take the ride at www.vivapsycho.com

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28-03-2019 15:20

New and exclusive to Omerch... >> Limited Edition Opeth 2019/20 Football Shirt: Bespoke manufactured in the Swedish national colours with embroidered 'Moderbolaget Records' badge and printed logos. Pre-order now: http://bit.ly/2U3C1oA

Opeth News Update

25-03-2019 15:23

Woke up from 2 texts coming in at the same time. They were from 2 of my best friends. Jonas Renkse and Steven Wilson. Both had the same message. Scott Walker has passed! My idol. My mentor even if we have never met. One of the very few musicians I would call a ”genius”. He was so important to me. We had just played ”Scott 3” from start to finish 2 days ago. It’s not right! My replies to Steve and Jonas were the same, however in different languages. ”Disgusting”! I feel oddly at ease right now however. It’s a bit hard to grasp to be honest. That record, "Scott 3” can reduce me to tears. It’s achingly beautiful but it’s also a personal piece of music to me, and it will remain so for as long as I live. It’s a Åkerfeldt ”family album” of sorts. He was a beacon of light to musicians/artists who want to do their own thing and not follow public opinion. Of course he paid the price and most people don’t even know the name ”Scott Walker” these days. It’s tragic on so many levels. I hope the true lovers of music will discover him eventually. His discography is a flawed treasure. There’s both ”fool’s gold” in there as well as genuine 24K top of the line pure gold. You simply can’t pass his music off with a shrug. I could write an essay on his impact on me, but I don’t want to bore anyone reading this. This is the moment where you put on a song like ”Rosemary” and either re-live the magic or discover it for the first time. His music deserves your time. Much love to Scott Walker from me, and the guys in the band. And condolences to his family and friends. Earlier this year we were also reached by the sad news of Mark Hollis passing. Another true genius, and a misunderstood one at that. His solo record from the late 90’s especially grabbed me. But his endeavors with Talk talk were in parts equally thrilling. He music was so inspiring. Having lived virtually my whole life breaking down metal records and prog records it was so refreshing to be ”challenged" with music like his. I can’t even begin to explain its ”power" but I know that ”Mark Hollis” includes some of the saddest music I have ever heard. Far, far…miles away from the generic squalor of modern music. That word I’ve used a lot in my own lyrics. ”Squalor”. I learnt it from Mark. His music is anything but ”squalor" however. His music is as pure as it gets. Thank you, Mark Hollis! - Mike

Opeth News Update

11-03-2019 13:00

We're pleased to announce that Opeth will be headlining this year's Damnation Festival in Leeds, UK on November 2nd! Tickets are available here: www.damnationfestival.co.uk/tickets Birds in row Lord Dying IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT