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Opeth News Update

27-08-2016 18:14

Receive an instant download of the track "Sorceress" with your iTunes and Amazon Music digital album pre-order. opeth.com/stores

Photos from Opeth's post

26-08-2016 16:46

Wow. Sydney Opera House sold out in less than two days time! Tickets for the special Deliverance & Damnation shows in NYC and London are still available! Purchase tickets for OPETH at Radio City Music Hall at http://bit.ly/2b0079n. Purchase tickets for OPETH at SSE Arena, Wembley at http://bit.ly/2bxncQL VIP (upgrade) tickets for both shows can be found here: www.opethvip.com

Opeth News Update

25-08-2016 18:48

Sorceress world tour begins September 24th. Find out if Opeth are heading to a city near you: opeth.com/tour-dates.

Opeth News Update

25-08-2016 14:00

We're pleased to announce that a 2nd show in Paris at the Trianon for Nov 22nd has now been announced and gone on sale. Tickets for both shows are available here: http://www.fnacspectacles.com/place-spectacle/ficheartiste/Opeth-695bf279c0a8850b011b9b2913e3ce37.htm VIP (upgrade) tickets for both shows can be found here: www.opethvip.com

OPETH - Sorceress: Studio Report - Episode 5: Vocal Recordings

24-08-2016 17:52

ICYMI: Mikael Åkerfeldt shares experience with the vocal recording process of Opeth's twelfth studio album, SORCERESS, out September 30th via Moderbolaget Records / Nuclear Blast Entertainment. opeth.com/stores