The guitars we´re recording during 5 or maybe 6 days and came out great. Way clearer than before although not as fat as on the Hearse album. This session was the first for our new bass player Martin, and I could tell he was abit nervous. Still it went great, we even used a fretless bass again on the "Melinda" track. Making the overall sound even more jazzy. After 4 weeks in Maestro we went back to Fredman studios to record the vocals. We had somewhat of a time-pressure as we needed the last few days to mix. It took me 3 days to record all vocal takes, well 3 nights to be exact.

There was one day when me and Peter worked for almost 24 hrs, and we ended up getting so fucking tired we hallucinated. It started with me hearing a cough while I was in the vocal booth. I looked out but saw I asked Peter: "Man, did you cough?", "No, why". I was terrified thinking that someone was there with us. Me and Peter went out probing the area after suspicuos things. And mind you, the new Fredman studio is pretty big with several different rooms, and if that is not enough, it´s located in an industrial area where no-one usually comes around in the middle of the night.

Anyways, we didn´t find anything, but the rest of that day we were certainly affected by everything as there was indeed some kind of spooky felling in the air. Sure enough it was just our tired brains that played us a trick. And the cough I mentioned had somehow been recorded on the tape. We still don´t know who it is, and it´s still there on the album in the 1st track.

The mixing went great, and we only spent 3 days doing it. We had also booked a day at Gran Finnbergs place to master the album which we did. Ok, so the album?? I can´t say anything else than that I am truly satisfied with it, and the rest of the guys too. Still, I was a bit nervous to play it to my friends. But all of them have said that it´s our best yet, and Hammy and the guys at MFN are totally blown away! I hope you are, or will be too!

"Still Life" was recorded during the months of April to May 1999. * * *