Being the debut album, this one has a special place in my heart. We recorded it in a town called Finspång where the "old" Unisound studio were located, in March of 1994. Since we all were from Stockholm it felt like we were going out on the countryside as there were virtually nothing happening in this particular town. It was totally dead calm. Everyone must have noticed us 4 bums coming to town, see, we almost immediately got stopped by the cops as suspected drugdealers. Dan had rented a apartment for us just some footsteps from what I guess could be refered to as the centre of Finspång, and it was kinda cool living there for those 2 weeks..the four of us. For this recording we had asked a certain Johan DeFarfalla, a basist, to help us out with these sessions. As we all know by now, he went on to be a permanent member of the least for a couple of years.

The recording itself went more or less smoothly. The studio was located in the cellar of a small house, right in the middle of a field. Dan told us that this house was used in favour for the mentally ill, whether he meant us or other people has to this day not been revealed. Since this was our first, ever, recording, we were all somewhat nervous about it all. I remember that especially Anders were worried about how things would go.

I ended up playing the guitar to back him up for the drumtakes. I think it all took like 2 days or something, then he was done, and it sounded marvellous already! The rest of the recording went by swiftly, and I had noticed that Dan got more and more into the stuff we had. When it was time for the vocal sessions he was a total Opeth addict, and I remember that he afterwards told me that he was really nervous or excited on how the vocals would sond like.

Anyway, he totally freaked out when I started singing, he was laughing in excitement whilst I was recording.

Ever since he has been into the idea of using me for one of his projects, and I eventually ended up doing some vocals/guitars for the "Crimson" album by Edge of Sanity in 1996. The only real problem that occured was that we didn´t have enough time to record the acoustic piece, "Requiem" properly. We did actually record it first at Unisound, but the result was not at all pleasing. So that particular piece was actually recorded in a studio in Stockholm with a guy called Pontus Norgren as co-producer. He had earlier been with a rather famous HM band, called Great king rat, and I must say that I was kinda impressed with his knowledge too!