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Watershed reissued for Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2014 is just around the corner and Roadrunner Records are reissuing 'Watershed' - the band's 2008 monster on double green vinyl.

To find your nearest participating store visit

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Roadrunner UK recently did a poll asking the fans for their Top 3 albums of the last 11 years. Ghost Reveries was voted #3 with both Watershed and Heritage making the top 20, a fantastic achievement.

For the full breakdown on the chart visit the Roadrunner UK website for details
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Monday, 10 December 2007 19:41


Recorded at: Fascination street, Winter 2006/2007

Produced by: Mikael Åkerfeldt

Engineered by: Jens Bogren

Mixed by: Jens Bogren & Mikael Åkerfeldt

Mastered by Jens Bogren

Photography by Opeth

Artwork design by Travis Smith



1. Coil

2. Heir Apparent

3. The Lotus Eater

4. Burden

5. Porcelain Heart

6. Hessian Peel

7. Hex Omega



Derelict herds

Den ständiga resan


Bridge of sighs


All music and lyrics written by Åkerfeldt

Except ”Porcelain heart”, music written by Åkerfeldt/Åkesson

”Derelict herds”, music by Åkerfeldt/Wiberg (Special edition only)

”Den ständiga resan”, music/lyrics by Marie Fredriksson (Special edition only)

”Would?”, music/lyrics by Alice in chains (Special edition only)

”Bridge of sighs”, music/lyrics by Robin Trower (Special edition only)


Published by Imagem music worldwide



Mikael Åkerfeldt – All vocals, lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars

Fredrik Åkesson – Lead & rhythm guitars

Martin Mendez – Bass guitars

Martin Axenrot – Drums

Per Wiberg – Mellotron, hammond organ, grand piano, electric piano

Nathalie Lorichs – Vocals on ”Coil”

Lisa Almberg – English horn, oboe

Christoffer Wadenstein - Flute

Karin Svensson – Violin

Andreas Tengberg - Cello



Cd – Expanded special edition/standard edition (Roadrunner)

2 Lp (Roadrunner)

Cd – Mellotron heart (Promo only)

Cd – Burden - edit version (Promo only)

Cd – Porcelain heart – edit version (Promo only)


Session Diary Equipment

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