Mikael Åkerfeldt and legendary Marshall amplifiers join forces

Mikael Åkerfeldt and legendary Marshall amplifiers have entered into a collaborative relationship. This means that Mikael exclusively will endorse Marshall amplifiers from now on. His model of choice: Vintage Modern.

Says Mikael: ”Well, my first amplifier ever was a 12W Marshall, my second amp was a Marshall 20W, my 3rd amp was a 100W Valvestate head and 4X12 cabinet. The first 2 were stolen, the last one I had to sell to buy food and pay bills. It’s been a long and winding road since, but now I’m back to playing Marshalls and it feels like I’m back home. The Vintage Modern? Well, the name alone speaks volumes. I see Opeth as a modern band with vintage influences and this amp has everything I need. From a warm , clean jazzy tone to the most extreme metal-chug. And everything inbetween.”

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Published in NEWS
January 12 2012