Fredrik joins the Marshall family

Marshall is pleased to announce that Fredrik Akesson of Scandinavian prog-metal legends Opeth has returned to the Marshall family. Fredrik will now be using Marshall’s flagship 100 Watt JVM410 heads and 1960V 4x12” cabs.

His reason:- “Marshall has the bite, sustain and core and much more! No other amps cuts through like a Marshall.” – Fredrik Akesson

Together with Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt’s Vintage Modern powered backline, this return to the black and gold means that every raging riff, experimental melody and face-melting solo on their up-coming “Heritage Hunter” tour will be Marshall driven.

Marshall’s Artist liaison manager, Paul Marshall, stated:-
“It is great to have both Fredrik and Mikael playing Marshall. I was disappointed when Fredrik left Marshall, but understood the reasons and we have always remained friends. It is always pleasing when an artist joins Marshall, but it is very special when we get to welcome a friend back into the family, especially one of Fredrik’s ability, and to see both Fredrik and Mikael playing Marshall – I can hardly wait to go to the first show.”

Opeth have been pushing the boundaries of their genre-spanning music for over two decades. Their current album – Heritage – continues this sonic exploration, fusing together elements of jazz, prog, classical and of course metal to create quite possibly their most accomplished work to date.
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February 09 2012

"Heritage" In-Studio Report

The members of Opeth were interviewed by Germany's Rock Hard magazine in the studio where they recorded their latest album, Heritage, for a DVD accompanying issue 291 of the magazine. In the video below, you can see guitarist/vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt, guitarist Fredrik Åkesson and bassist Martin Lopez talking about the studio and the process of making Heritage, which was very different from the way they've recorded in the past (and very different from how most modern metal records are made, as Mikael makes clear).

Check out the video:


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September 02 2011

Fredrik Åkesson

Name: Fredrik Åkesson

Instrument:  Guitar,Vocals

Birth date:  July 18, 1972

Equipment: PRS guitars, Jim Dunlop picks, Dunlop 10-52 strings and pedals, MXR pedals, Marshall JVM Satch Amps and 1960 BV Cabs, Fractal Audio Axe-FX ultra, Planet Waves cables, Line 6 G90 Wireless system. Toontrack Software. Voodoo Lab switching system.

Previous/other bands or projects: Talisman, Southpaw,Tiamat Archenemy, Krux.

Website:  www.myspace.com/kfredrikakesson


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June 19 2011


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