Monday, 24 March 2014

Final bands added to Roadburn 2014

Mike is proud to announce the one and only Mr Lenny Kaye, The Vintage Caravan and Ron van Herpen & Oeds Beydals as the last three acts to complete his very own curated day at the Roadburn Festival. For more info please click here (
Maybe you can also add the announcements in Mike’s own words?
”They come from the land of the ice and snow” The Vintage Caravan is a fairly new acquaintance to me. And a very pleasant one I have to say. Iceland has produced many fine heavy and progressive bands and I’m all for pushing for a new generation of musicians that cater to that heritage. Very happy to have these guys taking part of my curated event at Roadburn.
Lenny Kaye (with Harsh Toke) 
"Lenny is a legend and the nicest guy in rock. Not Dave Grohl. First met him in Greece when him and Patti Smith came up to us. She said: ”Is this the band you’ve been raving about?” Lenny said: ”Opeth! Fuck yeah!! Needeless to say, we’re now besties and he’s a natural choice to be invited to Roadburn. Lenny is some type of psych/rock encyclopedia as well as rock/psych guitarist extraordinaire. Ladies and gentlemen, looks like we have a psychedelic jam on our hands. Can we wait? No we can’t!”  
Lenny Kaye comments: "I am honoured to be performing at the Roadburn festival, celebrating the legacy of Nuggets and the mind-expansive music that gave me so much inspiration and hallucinogenic direction.  Opeth is a band that breaks apart genre definitions while remaining true to their progressive and uncompromising metallic vision, as does the entire festival, which honours the quest for new boundaries in soundscapes and sonic exploration. I look forward to being a part of the audience and then ascending the stage to see where Harsh Toke will lead my sense of improvisation and discovery. It will be a Nugget if you dug it!"
Jam Sessions: Ron van Herpen, Oeds Beydals 
The former guitarists of The Devil's Blood will do jam sessions at Roadburn's Stage01. Expect psychedelia, 70’s inspired (hard) rock and dark funk (?). I only saw The Devil’s Blood once. They looked cool, and sounded even cooler. I’m very psyched to see what these dudes will do up there. Psychedelic freak outs or surf rock? Again, I can’t wait to be enlightened.