Since the release of "Orchid" was hugely delayed, we had already written a big part of the 2nd album when the first one was released. Once again, we booked Unisound and Dan Swanö for the recordings. This turn we had a bit more time than before as we had booked the entire month of March 1996. We were all very excited to record this album as the material we had been writing felt really fresh and new, although some parts dated back to 1991. Also, our most epic track was to be recorded, "Black rose immortal". This one we had been working on for a very long time. I think we did the basics of the track back in 1992 or something like that. I am actually still very proud of finally having recorded it!

As I mentioned earlier, Unisound had relocated to a slightly bigger town, Örebro. This time the four of us found shelter at the residence of the Lundahl family... The parents of Peters girlfriend. Honestly, I felt that this recording was quite boring to do at times, and I guess I don´t really fancy the recording process at all! It´s so fucking boring with the endless drumtakes, click track and shit like that. We all ended up sleeping and smoking away the time. We also had somewhat of a Opeth chess tournament to make the time go by. Peter won!

Eventually, time started growing short on us, and we really had to get our shit together to have it all ready in time.

Me and Anders had actually written an instrumenatl piece that was meant to appear on this album, but we simply didn´t have enough time to do it, which actually was a shame as this piece was fucking great! I just found it on an old tape the other day, and well...maybe it will be recorded some day!

However, the album turned out really great, and people who were sceptic about us being able to "beat" the first album couldn´t deny that this was equal or better than the first effort! One song on there, "To bid you farewell" was the most mellow track we had ever written, and we were all sure that all metal people would hate it...we didn´t really care as we liked it so much ourselves. The strange thing is that it´s the track that has been most appreciated amongst our fans from this album! We were totally chocked actually! Apart from this track, my favourites are "Advent" and "Black rose immortal". This album also marked the beginning of bunch of live appearances for us. During the early summer of 1996 we did a couple of gigs with our old heroes, Morbid Angel, and during November the same year we embarked on our very first European tour together with UK blackers Cradle of filth. Turned out quite succesful, I must say.

"Morningrise" was recorded during March/April of 1996. * * *