Much had happened since "Orchid" Too much!! Dan had closed down Unisound, so we had to look elsewhere for the recordings. At the gates had just released their "Slaughter of the soul" album, and man, does that sound boil you over? Fucking ripping death metal I tell you! I called Fredrik (Producer) up, and simply booked us a month in his studio during August/September of 1997. Meanwhile, me and Peter was totally busy finish off all the songs. I had developed a concept lyric wise, and this was the first time that I had written the lyrics before the music. We based all music upon the lyrics actually. Maybe that is why it turned out the way it did? We had actually found ourselves a bass player as well called Martin Mendez...long time friend of our drummer, and he was supposed to play on this album, but since we didn't had enough time to learn him all the tracks, and to try him out for that matter, I ended up playing the bass.

After renting a car, we eventually found our way to Gothenbourg where Fredman studios is located. We didn´t really have any place to stay this time, so Fredrik kindly offered us to live in the studio until we could find somewhere else to live. I slept on the fucking floor in the recording room for two weeks. I needed a fan, blowing in my face as the heat was too fucking intense for me to handle. Peter slept in the couch, and Lopez....that strange man slept on the toilet floor, using a pile of porn mags as a pillow!

Anyway, despite that luxury, we had a good time recording this album! Apart from the drum takes I felt kinda inspired every day/night. The drums took us 8 days to put on tape which was the only thing about the sessions that really got on my nerves. Apart from that, everything went smoothly!

When we were to record the acoustic guitars, the mixing desk got all fucked up, so we had to record them in a different studio, namely the legendary Nacksving studio. Being an old prog-fanatic I found this to be a real treat as some of my prog favourites had recorded there. That studio is probably the coolest fucking studio I´ve ever sat foot in! Awesome!! Just old old NIV mixing desk from 1974 or something! I really like that kinda shit! When the Fredman staff had got their shit together we returned to finish off the rest. I remember me and Peter staying up all night to record the basslines, and after that the guitar finger took some serious beating that time, that°s for sure! When it was time for the vocal takes I got this fucking cold.

My nose was full with snot, and I had to cure myself somewhat to be able to sing anything at all. Despite this "curse", I think that the vocals turned out better than ever before, both screams and the normal voice!

I think we definitely chose the right studio to go to, and I think you agree when I say that the sound is nothing less than marvellous! And the music?? I don´t think I can name any fave track right now, as all of them are! Right now, that is! Personally, I´d say it's our finest record...everyone who's heard it has agreed!

"My arms, your hearse" was recorded during August/September of 1997. * * *