(Century media 1999)

Mikael Åkerfeldt Lead vocals

Bloodbath was at first a side project of the 2 Katatonia leaders, Jonas and Anders. I can't remember how we got together to do this really. I know there was a big party in Örebro that Dan Swanö had invited us to. The next day, I did some vocals for this ep. I can't remember at all how we got there. Anyways, I was hungover like a bastard and threw up a couple of times before I did the vocals for this. Needless to say, for me Bloodbath isn't all that serious. We wanted to record some kind of tribute to the death metal scene that we grew up with and still love. Bloodbath was our vehicle. It was never meant to be released, but we got together with CM records who were desperate to put it out...why not? It's a great piece of death metal this one.