Recorded at: Studio Fredman, Summer 2001

Produced by: Mikael Åkerfeldt

Co-produced by: Steven Wilson

Engineered by: Fredrik Nordström & Steven Wilson

Mixed by: Fredrik Nordström, Steven Wilson & Opeth

Mastered by: Göran Finnberg at the Mastering room

Photography by: Harry Välimäki

Artwork design by: Travis Smith



1. The Leper Affinity

2. Bleak

3. Harvest

4. The Drapery Falls

5. Dirge For November

6. The Funeral Portrait

7. Patterns In The Ivy

8. Blackwater Park



Still day beneath the sun (4.34) (Special edition and vinyl 7” only)

Patterns in the ivy 2 (4.12) (Special edition and vinyl 7” only)

Harvest - Cd-rom video clip (Special edition only)


All music written by Åkerfeldt

Expect ”Dirge for November” & ”Blackwater park” written by Åkerfeldt/Lindgren

All lyrics written by Åkerfeldt


Published by Zomba music Ltd worldwide



Mikael Åkerfeldt – All vocals, lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars

Peter Lindgren – Lead and rhythm guitars

Martin Mendez – Bass guitars

Martin Lopez – Drums

Steven Wilson – Grand piano, backing vocals & lead guitar in ”Bleak”



Cd – Expanded special edition/standard edition (MFN, Koch)

2 Lp (MFN)

Cd - Legacy edition (Sony)

2 Lp - Legacy edition (Sony)

Cd – ”The drapery falls” edit version (Promo only)

Vinyl 7” limited edition(Robotic empire)

Session Diary Equipment