Recorded at: Maestro Musik, Studio Fredman & No mans land, Summer 2002

Produced by: Mikael Åkerfeldt

Co-produced by: Steven Wilson

Engineered by: Isak Edh, Fredrik Nordström & Steven Wilson

Mixed by: Steven Wilson & Opeth

Mastered by: Steven Wilson

Photography: Mick Hutson

Artwork design by: Travis Smith



1. Windowpane

2. In my time of need

3. Death whispered a lullaby

4. Closure

5. Hope leaves

6. To rid the disease

7. Ending credits

8. Weakness


All music and lyrics written by Mikael Åkerfeldt

except ”Death whispered a lullaby”, lyrics by Steven Wilson


Published by Zomba Music Ltd worldwide



Mikael Åkerfeldt – All vocals, lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars

Peter Lindgren – Lead guitars

Martin Mendez – Bass guitars

Martin Lopez – Drums and percussion

Steven Wilson – Mellotron, Fender rhodes



Cd – Digipak edition/standard edition (MFN, Koch, License)

Lp (MFN, Back in black)

Session Diary Equipment