Since I had been the vocalist in Eruption, I became the new vocalist. Me and Peter started writing material immediately, as we really felt that we had found a real original way of playing. There were at the time almost no other band using that many harmonies as we did. Songs like "Forest of October" and "Black rose immortal" started to take form. We rehearsed as a 3-piece for more than a year, but eventually we found a new bassplayer in Stefan Guteklint who played with us for a year or so. We actually gave him the boot when we received the contract from Candlelight records. We recorded Orchid in 1994 with Johan as a session bassplayer. He eventually became a full- time member.

The first volume was hugely delayed, and we were really anxious to do a couple of gigs. Lee of Candlelight brought us over the the UK in the Spring of 1995, and we did a couple of gigs there. One was a rather big event held at the London Astoria together with Impaled nazarene, Ved buens ende, Hecate enthroned and some more band. When we got back home we rehearsed frequently as we had already booked Unisound for the follow-up CD.

Morningrise was recorded in March/April of 1996, and the record that granted us somewhat of a big status amongst all people involved in the metal scene. Before its release we were offered to do a couple of gigs together with Morbid Angel and The blood divine in the UK. We couldn´t refuse of course, and even though my old heroes were a bit too arrogant, I think we had a great time playing with them! For this album, we also did our first European tour, this one together with UK vampires Cradle of Filth. It was a 26 date tour reaching from Scandinavia to Spain/Italy. It was fucking marvellous to be honest! The reception we got in Rome was far fucking out! They were fucking crazy those nutters! We loved it of course!! * * *