Blackwater Park - Diary


As per usual I found myself in the drivers seat while the four of us were driving down to Gothenbourg to record our 5th opus, Blackwater park. This was the first album that I'd come up with the title even before we started the recordings. It was kinda nice working for something that had a title for a change. Our accomodation this time was the studio. In fact, Fredrik Nordström had arranged a little room next to the Studio 2 that had 4 beds. That's all we need really. We stayed there for 2 weeks or so while for the last 4 weeks of the recording we had rented Mikael Stannes (Dark Tranquility) flat. They're on tour and we're friends from before, so fortunately there was no problem.

For this recording I'd been demoing some stuff at a friends house. He has a studio and could help me to record all my ideas. The only problem is that he lived pretty far away from where I was living and I had to stay the night if I needed to work. Still it was very helpful as more or less complete versions of the songs were done there. As for most of the stuff I had an rough idea on how the songs should sound. And we also rehearsed a little bit...3 times I guess it was.

The recording itself was rather smooth, and the "painfully concieved" quite in the booklet was put there because it looked cool more or less.

Still, I must stress out that recording an album is far from the glamour that I guess a lot of people think it is. It's always hard and painful, it's just a matter of exactly HOW tough it's going to be. Now, since we have done "Deliverance", looking back at the "Blackwater" recording seems like it was like a stroll in the park.

This album was the first we did with Steven Wilson. We were all pretty psyche about working with him as well as to get to know him. I'd met him before, but Peter hadn't, and he was pretty nervous I guess.

After we'd done all the basics (drums, rhythms, bass guitars + acoustic guitars) Steve came over to Gotherbourg to help us produce the clean vocals + some guitar leads. He had a immense impact on the recording and I think after working with him we enetered a new "phase". He made us look at music differently and also got us to be moe open minded to sonic experiments. His ideas are pretty fucked up sometimes, and just because the are + the fact that Steve is a very mellow, intelligent and musical person, all his ideas were like....essential. We had to try everything out. If this "normal" guy in front of us comes up with all these tripped out ideas...they HAVE to be good!

Blackwater park special edition featuring the songs "Still day beneath the sun" and "Patterns in the ivy II".

These 2 songs I recorded on my own since we were all scattered across the globe at the time. They were recorded in a very simplistic fashion. At my house and at my friend, Jonas Renkses house. The songs themselves were a mish mash of ideas I had previously demoed and now finally put together into songs. Guitar and vocals, that's it. Naked and stripped down for a change. I like the way they turned out. Needles to say these we're excusively recorded for the reissued limited edition of the "Blackwater park" album"

"Blackwater Park" was recorded during the months of August to October 2000.
* * *