Damnation - Equipment


Complete list of equipment used for the recording:
DELIVERANCE + DAMNATION, Nacksving & Studio Fredman

Equipment section:

Electric guitars:
PRS Custom 24, Gibson Les Paul Custom & Dunlop picks
Bass guitars:
Fender Jazz bass (Marcus Miller sign.), Fender Jazz bass fretless, Fender Jazz standard, D'addario strings
Acoustic guitars:
CF Martin 00016GT, Takamine 12Str
Bass guitars:
Fender Jazz MM edition & Dadario 045 strings
Premier Signia Marquis & Sabian cymbals & Premier sticks
Laney VH100L, Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier with 4/12 Laney cabinet
Dadario 010 electrics, Martin Phosphor 12str, Dr.Thomastik 011